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 必要なのは選挙じゃなくて行動だ・・・11/19 JT紙
Japan needs action, not a general election | The Japan Times
18 Nov 2014 ... Japan needs action, not a general election ... Yet Kaieda is right about one thing:
Much of what Abe has accomplished thus far — for good or ill — falls outside his
mandate to end deflation and boost living standards. Why act ...

 君はけん玉を知っているか、いまや世界的なブームだ 11/9 JT紙
Kendama: a whole new ball game | The Japan Times
8 Nov 2014 ... The ken has three cups and a spike that fits into a hole that has been drilled
through the center of the ball. Using their knees, kendama players bounce as
they pull the ball upward so that it may either be caught in one of the ...

 水素燃料電池車に関する記事 N.Y.Times
Hydrogen Cars, Coming Down the Pike - The New York Times
29 Nov 2014 ... The once-distant promise of clean, affordable hydrogen-powered cars is starting
to become a reality. Several major automakers, including Toyota, Honda and
Hyundai, have started or will soon start selling these cars, which ...

India and the Post-Antibiotic Era -
8 Dec 2014 ... The report warned that the world is entering a “post-antibiotic era” in which even
the most powerful antibiotics available are becoming ... In India, these factors
have created the perfect breeding ground for so-called super bugs.

WBP Online - Drop in Japan's Q3 GDP Worse Than Feared

8 Dec 2014 ... The decline in Japan's September-quarter GDP growth was revised up to 0.5%
from 0.4%, according to government figures released Monday.The world's third-
largest economy technically remains in recession - marked by two consecutive
quarters of GDP contraction. ... On an annualized basis the economy contracted
1.9% in the September quarter, after shrinking 1.6% previously.

円安に関する12/11 JT紙記事
Japan needs a real debate about the falling yen | The Japan Times /
5 days ago ... Japan — and the world — deserve a real debate about where the yen is headed.
12/11 JT紙記事
Abe takes aim at labor regulations | The Japan Times
5 days ago ... The Abe administration has targeted some labor regulations that it views as
obstacles to economic growth. The revision to the law on temporary dispatch
workers, which was aborted in the last Diet session when Prime ...

世界の大学ランキング入りを目指す 11/9 JT紙
Universities get yen for ranking | The Japan Times
8 Nov 2014 ... The central government has announced additional funding for 37 leading public
and private universities as a way to increase their global ranking and
competitiveness. No mention was made of the other 67 schools that ...

12/11 JT紙記事 安倍政権の教育政策の方向は?
A slippery slope in education | The Japan Times
5 days ago ... Along with the economy, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has vowed to “revive” the
nation's public school education since he returned to the government's helm two
years ago. As on many other issues on his agenda, he has ...

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