#4505 Cleft Sentences(分裂文)③:英作文スキルアップのために Mar. 12, 2021 [44-3. 原書講読講座 Sapiens]


131 cleft sentences (2): it was my secretary who …
 We can use preparatory it in cleft sentences. The words to be emphasise are usually joined to the relative clause by that.

 元の文: My secretary sent the bill to Mr Harding yesterday.
It was my secretary that sent the bill to Mr Harding yesterday.
      (not somebody else)
It was the bill that my secretary sent to Mr Harding yesterday.
       (not something else)
It was Mr. Harding that my secretary sent the bill to yesterday.
      (not to somebody else)
It was yesterday that my secretary sent the bill to Mr. Harding.
   (not another day)

 Negative structures are also possible.
   It wasn't my husband that sent the bill.
 Who is possible instead of that when a personal subject is emphasised.
   It was my secretary who sent ...
 When a plural subject is emphasised, the verb is plural.
   It was the students that were angry ... (NOT...that wasa angry)
 The verb cannot be emphasised with this structure: we cannot say
   It was sent that my secretary the bill ...

2. It is I who ... ;It is me that ...
 When an emphasised subject is pronoun, there are two possiblilities.
--- It is I who am responsible. (formal)
     It's me that's/who's responsible. (informal)
--- It is you who are in the wrong. (formal) 
     It's you that's in the wrong. (informal) 
 To avoid being either too formal or too informal in this case, we could say, for example,
     I'm the person / the one who's responsible.



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